Comic-Con, WPR interview, and guests from Ireland

December 3rd, 2015

It’s been a busy year so far!  I attended Comic-Con in Madison as part of the Blame Society team for the Beer And Board Games panel.

The creators of the game Snake Oil have created a few special Beer And Board Games cards for a new edition of Snake Oil Elixir.  I’m excited to have my own card!

We also had our first international guests on Beer And Board Games in February. I’m a big fan of the musician Hozier, and when I found out that his brother Jon Hozier-Byrne is a comedian/filmmaker, I invited Jon and his creative partner Davey Reilly to be on the show. More about how that all came about and their visit to Madison can be found in this radio interview on Wisconsin Public Radio and in this Isthmus feature:

The two episodes featuring our friends from Ireland can be found here:




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